What's In The Mail? - Music

Music has been a big part of my life. When I was a little girl, I took piano lessons. I learned how to play the flute, the oboe, and the piccolo in the school band in elementary school. My kids both play stringed instruments. And I love listening to all sorts of music.

Since I love music so much, I decided to write a bit about music to the children I sponsor with Compassion this month. I asked them if they liked music and shared a bit about my love for music. Then I shared part of the lyrics from a Matt Maher song that I love:

"I have a home, eternal home

But for now I walk this broken world

You walked it first, You know our pain

But You show hope can rise again up from the grave Abide with me, Abide with me

Donโ€™t let me fall, and donโ€™t let go

Walk with me and never leave

Ever close, God abide with me"

Then I reminded them that God is always with them. That He loves them more than anyone. And that He is always there to listen to them and comfort them. 

This month, I wrote my letters online and added an additional photo page which I am sharing here:

You are welcome to download and add this image in your next letter to the Compassion kids that you sponsor.

What's in the mail to your Compassion kids this month?