The ABC's of Compassion - Family

Who is a part of your family?

Photo credit:    Jessica Gardner

Photo credit: Jessica Gardner

My family consists of me, my husband, my son, and my daughter.

But really, my family consists of my brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world.

14 What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good[a] is that? 17 So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

18 But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” - James 2:14-18

Most of my family lives in places I will never visit and I may never meet them here on earth.

Our family sponsors Compassion children, and we consider those children and their families to be a part of our family.

We pray for them.

We write letters to them.

We encourage them to read their Bible.

We want them to know who Jesus is.

Kelsey with her sponsored child and mom

These kids who are growing up in areas that most of the world doesn’t even think about, they have an opportunity to be a light in their family and in their community.

Who is a part of your family?

The ABC's of Compassion - Explorer

When we first became Compassion sponsors, we wanted to learn as much as we could about the country where our sponsored child lived.

If you have your own young children at home, Compassion has made it really easy for you and your family to learn about the country where your Compassion child lives.

In my ABC’s of Compassion series, E is for Explorer!

Compassion has an online magazine available for families with children ages 6-10 (there is a print version available for subscription for USA sponsors and donors).

The online magazine is divided into quite a few sections: activities, stories, devotions, recipes, explorers, and world map.

Explorer Magazine World Map

My favorite part of the web site has to be the world map section!

From here you can find a printable about each country where Compassion is partnering with local churches to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

The printable provides some fun facts and key descriptions about the country where you sponsored child lives. If your family keeps all of your sponsored child’s letter in a binder, this printable would be a great addition to that binder!

Make sure you take the time to explore all there is to discover on the Compassion Explorer web site! Things you learn on this web site might encourage some new letter writing topics between you and your sponsored child.

Have you and your family explored the Compassion Explorer web site yet? If so, what is your favorite part?

The ABC's of Compassion - Donate

Most people who donate money to Compassion do so by sponsoring a child.

Sponsoring a Compassion child should be considered a long term commitment since you are investing into the life of a child growing up in extreme poverty.

Some people might not be able to make a long term commitment, but they want to make a donation to Compassion because they believe in Compassion’s mission to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Here are a few ways you can make one-time donations to Compassion:

  • Urgent care for mothers and babies - Compassion knows that the best way to ensure that a child has their best shot is with good prenatal and infant care

  • Unsponsored child fund - children who have been registered to attend their local Compassion center receive the financial benefits of the program while they wait to be matched with a loving sponsor

  • Medical assistance - the financial needs of some medical procedures for children go way beyond what the basic sponsorship can cover

  • Disaster relief - help provide for basic needs to be met when disaster strikes

  • Gift catalog - this is a way to provide tangible items for children that can be life changing

The ABC's of Compassion - Donate

Compassion continues to primarily be a holistic child development program to help children in areas of spiritual, physical, social and economic development.

Donations can be given at any time during the year to help where the need is greatest.

I have just touched on a few of the additional ways that you can donate to Compassion.

What are some ways that you have made donations to Compassion?

The ABC's of Compassion - 3 C's

Slowly making my way through the Compassion Alphabet by sharing posts that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

So far, I have shared about Act for Compassion and Bite Back.

Which means our next letter of the alphabet is...C!

I thought about picking just one item to cover this letter, but Compassion has three things that make them distinct that all start with the letter C.

Christ centered

Christ Centered - I always tell people at events, there are a lot of wonderful organizations out there making a difference in the lives of many people around the world. One thing that sets Compassion apart is their commitment to sharing the Gospel. You can clothe people, feed them, and provide them with medical care, clean water, etc., but if they do not know that Jesus is the One who gives them eternal hope, all of that other stuff will not save them. 

Church based

Church Based - Who better to serve the children in their own community than the church members of the local church? I love that Compassion is committed to allowing the local church to partner with Compassion to share the Gospel with the children, and to give them hope to escape the poverty they were born into. Currently, over 6,700 churches in 25 countries are partnering with Compassion.

Compassion children in southern Mexico

Child Focused - Each sponsored child at every Compassion center is known, loved, and protected by the local Compassion staff and volunteers. The holistic child development model that Compassion uses provides each child the opportunity to grow up to be a fulfilled Christian adult. And each child is paired with a sponsor who is able to pray for and encourage the child through letters and gifts.

Any guesses on what the topic will be for the letter D?

Italy - Day Four

On this morning, we packed up our bags and left our little place in Rome to prepare for our next destination in Italy.

But first...

Cappuccino and croissant in Rome

Found another little cafe for our morning cappuccino and croissant. Out of the three so far, this one was my favorite. L'emporio alla Pace had a wonderful little atmosphere and really good cappuccino and croissants!

After our breakfast, we found a taxi and headed to the train station.

Train station destinations

Did I mention that we used all public transportation for this trip?

We did end up relying on taxis instead of buses, which is a bit more expensive. But it kept us away from larger crowds and the possibility of being nearer to pickpockets.

Thankfully, Lindsey booked most of our train tickets ahead of time, so we just had to make sure we got to the train station on time to catch our train each time!

The trains were fairly easy to navigate. There were big electronic signs, like the one above, all over the place. Just find the final destination for the train, and you can find the train you need to be on.

Today's destination...

Orvieto, Italy


The train station is at the bottom of this hill town. To get to the top, you need to get on the funicular.

Once we arrived at the top of the hill, we made our way further up the street to our AirBNB for the next couple of nights.

street in Orvieto

By this point, we were hungry, but not super hungry. So we found a little place to get a bite to eat.

pizza in Orvieto

We shared this pizza for 'lunch'. It was delicious!

One thing we noticed in this little town north of Rome, a lot of the people knew English, but it was helpful to have the Google Translate app on my phone.

After our 'lunch', we walked around the town and enjoyed the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside...

countryside around Orvieto

...and capturing some of the details of the buildings...

outside of a building in Orvieto

Another thing we found interesting here...for dinner, the restaurants do not open for dinner until at least 7:30 or 8pm! 

In Rome, I believe a lot of the restaurants cater to the tourists, so many of them are open earlier for dinner.

Since it was so cold, I really wanted a bowl of homemade Italian soup for dinner.

Here at home, the pasta e fagioli soup that I make has a tomato base.

But not in Orvieto...

Pasta e fagioli in Orvieto

I was able to find a recipe that is pretty close to what I had in Orvieto.

And then...

Dessert choices

Here is what I had for dessert...

Creme brulee

The atmosphere in the restaurant was super cozy...

Inside a restaurant in Orvieto

So if you ever find yourself in Orvieto, be sure to find this place...

Trattoria delli poggi

Trattoria Delli Poggi, you won't regret eating here!