July Compassion Share & Tell

Things have been a little (okay, a lot!) quiet here on my blog over the last few weeks. I needed a bit of a blogging break because we had a lot going on in real life. Next week, I hope to share with you about our trip to Colorado. But today, I wrote to my Compassion kids and want to share with you what I wrote to them this month.

July Compassion Share & Tell

This month, because things have been so busy, I decided to use Compassion's online letter writing option. In order to write a letter online, you just need to sign into your Compassion accountOnce you have signed in online, you should see an option on the left side of the page to 'Write My Child'. Click on that link, then a new page will come up showing your current Compassion kids.

One nice thing about writing to your child online, there is a 'duplicate this letter' option. By choosing this option, you can basically write the same letter to all of your children, and just make minor adjustments for name, gender, and any specific things you want to add for each child.

Here is my letter to Lina:

Hello Lina!

I hope you and your family are doing well! I have been enjoying your letters with the details of your neighborhood and the details about you. In fact, you and my daughter are the same height, 5'2" tall!

Here is a verse I would like to share with you:

Psalm 1:1-2 - "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night."

Do you have a favorite book of the Bible? I really like the book of Esther, but right now, I have been reading through the book of Psalms. I love being reminded to praise God in all things, and to remember to spend time reading the Bible.

Have you done anything fun during your summer vacation from school? My kids and I were able to take a trip to the state of Colorado. We even took a train ride to the top of one of the highest mountain peaks while we were there. The mountain is called Pike's Peak. I have included a picture of us below.

How is your family? I think about you and your family often, and I pray for all of you often.

I want to remind you that you are a special blessing to me and my family, and that God believes you are a special young lady. Continue to do well in school and learn as much as you can about God and His plans. He has a special purpose for your life and I pray you know how much He loves you.

Sending my love and hugs!

Next month, I will be sure to do handwritten letters to the kids because I keep finding great ideas on Pinterest and fun stickers to mail to them.

Have you written to your Compassion child this month?

Tackle It on Tuesday: Too many socks

So last week, I was almost embarressed to show you my overflowing sock drawer

Overflowing sock drawer

The drawer was so full, I couldn't even close it all the way! Yikes! 

This is a project that doesn't really take too much time, it is just a matter of making time to do it.

Soon to be rags pile

First, I pulled everything out of the drawer and made one pile of socks to discard. My husband likes to use socks in the garage for rags, so rather than throw these away, I was able to give him a full bag of 'new' rags.

The keep pile of socks

When I looked at my 'keep' pile of socks, I knew there were more socks there than I really needed to keep. My daughter took all of the colored short socks. Then I looked at the colored socks and realized I only needed one of each color. I added those to the growing garage sale box out in our garage.

A much neater sock drawer

Ah! I believe I can actually close my sock drawer now, and this didn't take much time at all.

What I am planning on tackling next?

Taking a bit of time off!! Yes, there won't be many posts here on the blog over the next three weeks. We have some travel plans, then family coming to visit from out of state, and a week of VBS (Vacation Bible School) at our church.

I will still be posting on Instagram if you want to follow me there.

In the meantime though, you can see what some of my blogging friends are up to:

Jill at Compassion Family always has some wonderful Compassion tips to share. But did you know she also has a blog where she shares some of her amazing photography?

Hannah at Because of Shamim has been sharing about missionaries in letters to her Compassion kids.

Aly at One Day Lighter is a new blogging friend of mine, I love how simple her blog is and the Truth she is sharing.

Have a great couple of weeks, and be sure to get out and enjoy summer!


June Compassion Share & Tell

Have you gotten caught up in World Cup fever? We usually don't spend a lot of time watching professional sports, but with six of Compassion's countries having teams competing in this year's World Cup, we are just a bit interested in following along. And we have children in three of those countries!

June Compassion Share & Tell mailing

My mailing to my kids this month includes quite a bit about the World Cup. Let me share with you what I am mailing:

This month, I decided to keep the content of each letter the same. I typed up the letter on my computer, and as I was printing out the letter, I made sure I changed out the child's name and number on each letter.

Here is what I wrote:

Dear Victor,

"For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations." - Psalm 100:5

How are you and your family? Are you enjoying a break from school yet?

One thing we have been doing recently is watching some of the World Cup soccer games. Are you familiar with the World Cup soccer games? There are teams from 32 countries around the world competing in Brazil for the world championship of soccer teams. We have enjoyed watching the team from your country play.

With this letter, I have included some activity pages about the World Cup that I thought you would enjoy. On the map, I have colored in the country where I live and the country where you live.

Do you like to play soccer? I used to like to play soccer when I was in school.

Is there a sport you enjoy playing?

I love you and pray for you and your family often. I pray you always know that God loves you very much and He has a plan for you and your live ahead.

Sending my love and hugs to you today!

Have you had a chance to write to your Compassion sponsored child lately? 


Tackle It on Tuesday: Change of Plans

Just so you know, I am a blog-on-the-fly kind of a blogger. I don't have weeks worth of drafts prepped and ready to publish, I am lucky if I can put together 2-3 posts a week. So on some weeks, when I think I have the perfect post put together in my brain, life happens and my perfect post takes a different turn.

You see, last week, after I wrote my last Tackle It on Tuesday post, I was all ready to share with you how I would be tackling a pile of Food Network magazines I have been wanting to go through.

Clutter or not: pile of old magazines

The magazine subscription was a birthday gift from my sister a couple of years ago. I have been wanting to go through them and 'pin' some of the recipes onto one of my Pinterest boards. But then yesterday, I listened to this podcast with the title, Freedom From Stuff.

The podcast really made me think about how I handle some of the 'stuff' in my home. Which brought me back to this pile of magazines. While I enjoy looking for new recipes to try with my family, there are other things I could be doing with my time. And if you look close enough, you can see that those magazines have been taking up space in my home for a while. Time for them to find a new home!

So speaking of stuff, there are things that need out attention every now and then. During the podcast, Joshua and Tsh had mentioned that as much as we try to simplify things in our home, there is always 'stuff' coming into our homes.

Too many socks in the sock drawer

And right now, I have a sock drawer overflowing with socks. In a perfect and completely organized world, as soon as I purchase new socks, I would take the time to go through my sock drawer and give the 'old' socks to my husband for the garage. But, because I don't take the time to do this, I end up with a drawer full of socks that I can barely close because it is overflowing with socks! Yikes!

Rather than beat myself up for this happening (which is what a lot of us do), I plan to take a bit of time one day this week and clean up this sock drawer (and probably the underwear drawer too, but I probably won't be showing you pictures of that drawer!)

Do you have an area of your home or a task you have been meaning to tackle for some time? Plan a bit of time this week to tackle it. Let's encourage each other to tackle these tasks, so we have more time to enjoy our family and friends. Ready? Let's go!

Tackle It on Tuesday: Denim Star Garland with Tutorial

Denim star garland tutorial

This week, I tackled another fun creative project (Pinterest inspired!) using some scrap pieces of denim, burlap, fabric, buttons, and jute. I tried to take pictures along the way so if you want to try making this at home, you can follow along and make one of these for your own home.

supplies for denim star garland

The supplies you will need for this project: denim, fabric, burlap, quilt batting, jute, buttons, embroidery floss, star stencil, scissors, needle, and a disappearing ink pen.

cut out star shapes from old denim

I found a star stencil in my scrapbook supplies and used that to cut a star template out of cardboard for tracing around on the denim. My template was about 4 inches across. The garland has seven stars across and I doubled them up, so be sure to cut out 14 stars from the denim.

denim, burlap, fabric heart, and a button

Your embellishments for the star are going to be a bit of burlap, a fabric heart, and a button. 

attach embellishments to denim star

Layer your embellishments on one of the denim stars. Then with some embroidery floss, sew through all layers (denim, burlap, fabric, and button) to attach the button to the denim. You will repeat this step seven times, once for each star that will be along your garland.

sandwich all layers of denim, batting, and jute

Once you have attached all of the embellishments to the stars, you will start attaching the stars to the jute. Take one plain denim back, one quilt batting star (I cut these just a bit smaller than the template, the jute (which you have cut to about six feet or so), and the top denim star. Fold the cut jute in half to find the middle. This will be your starting point for sandwiching the star pieces to the jute.

sew a running stitch around the outside edge of the star

Pin the star pieces in place, take some embroidery thread, and begin stitching around the outside edges of the star with a running stitch. Once you have finished with the first star, place the next star where you think it will look best (mine are about 3 inches apart).

finished star garland

After you have attached each star to the jute, you will now have a festive garland to decorate your mantle or food table for a summer party or wherever you decide to display it! You can get really creative with this project using a variety of shapes and materials. If you give it a try, be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your finished project!

My project for this upcoming week? Going through some old Food Network magazines. Next week, I will let you know what I do with them.