Releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name is what Compassion is all about. One child at a time. That is how our family became involved with Compassion, with just one child.

As a family, we now sponsor nine children, all four of us volunteer at many events, and I love the ability to use my blog and other social media platforms to share about the work Compassion is doing to change the story for so many children living in extreme poverty. In January 2014, my son and I were able to see firsthand how Compassion is working when we visited Felix, our sponsored child in Mexico.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to travel to Colombia (February 2015 and March 2019) to visit Lina, and my daughter and I traveled to Mexico in January 2017 to visit Alfredo (my daughter's sponsored child) and visit with Felix again.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities with Compassion in Northern California, join our Compassion Advocates- Northern California Facebook group.