USS Hornet

Since Kevin has the week off of work, we planned to do a couple of day trips since he doesn't always get to go on field trips with us. Yesterday, we went somewhere that none of us had visited before: the USS Hornet.

The USS Hornet is an aircraft carrier that was used during WW II, the Vietnam War, and was used for recovering astronauts from their moon missions.

On a clear day, like we were blessed with, you can see San Francisco from the flight deck:

While on the Hangar Bay, you can re-trace the steps of Neil Armstrong after his return to earth from the moon:

The Second Deck has many areas to explore with many exhibits displayed:

US Flag that had flown on the USS Hornet from April 1942 until February 1945. Notice how many stars are on the flag.

Looks like Matthew and Kevin found something interesting...

The Flight Deck has a few planes on display:

We also took the opportunity to go on a docent led tour of The Island. This includes the Primary Flight Control area and the Navigation Bridge. We had a great view of the city from this area:

It was a beautiful day to learn and explore an important part of history that is very close to our home:

We will have to be sure to revisit some of the facts we learned when we study WW II in a few weeks.