The Joy Dare #4-25

Have you decided to take The Joy Dare?

I am working my way to 1000 gifts this year and am up to #25. Last week, I posted my first three gifts. My goal is to post my list each Thursday. You can all keep my accountable! :o)

4. Cassie's heart surgery went well! Praise the Lord!
5. pink clouds in the twilight sky
6. good friends for my kids
7. friends who love their Compassion kids
8. time with Kelsey
9. time with godly women
10. cream colored envelope in the mail from Victor
11. family game night (played 'Around the World')
12. Ghiradelli White Hot Mocha
13. freedom to worship
14. John and Whitney's news! Baby #2 on the way!
15. Cassie joining all of us in the cafeteria at the hospital!
16. mailed packets to our Compassion kids
17. nice afternoon outside for reading
18. rescued the flavorless Chicken Chili leftovers
19. homechooling my children
20. Winter White Chocolate ice cream
21. getting my Compassion stuff organized
22. hearing Matthew practice worship songs on his guitar
23. homemade Snickerdoodles
24. watching 'Enchanted' with Kelsey
25. scheduling my first Compassion Sunday outside of my own church