The Joy Dare #81 - 100

81. Valentine's Day decorations
82. "Jesus didn't come to make sure we wouldn't be hungry - He came to make sure we were hungry for the right things." - Scott Todd from '58:Fast Living'
83. sunshine
84. hope
85. being a homemaker
86. letter in the mail from Eduardo's pastor
87. windows and doors open to air out the house
88. knitted dishcloths
89. California poppies
90. bright moon light
91. warm socks
92. big pot of pinto beans made today and ready for the freezer
93. talking to Matthew on the phone tonight after his first day of work at the Fatula's

94. finishing letters and packets to send to our Compassion kids
95. Kelsey made waffles for breakfast
96. finishing a handmade gift
97. picking up Matthew!
98. watching the colorful sunrise as we left the house early this morning
99. seeing snow capped mountains in the distance
100. 24 children sponsored today!