WIP Projects #7

I got a little behind on my WIP projects postings. Life happens sometimes, and rather than dwell on a missed blog posting, I am choosing to  move on!

In my last WIP project post, I had 3 projects that I was hoping to get done that week. Here is how they turned out:

4. BOM quilt block - since I only had a couple of days to finish this one or pay $5 for the new block, I made sure I finished this block! Now I need to work on the next block, but I will probably wait a week or two to work on the new one.

5. Valentine Banner - I am so happy with the way this project turned out! Since I have many more pages of 'Persuasion' that can be used for other projects, I now will be searching Pinterest for other book page projects!

6. Prayer board - this is hanging on the wall in our hall way so that everyone sees it everytime they walk to their bedroom. It has been a great reminder to be in prayer for everything that is posted on this board.

Now for the new WIP Project! Now that I just posted the baby blanket tutorial and baby wash cloth tutorial, I would really like to have all of these done and ready to go when baby showers come up. So here is what I will be working on:

7. Baby blankets and baby wash cloths - I have three baby blankets that need to be completed and 10 sets of baby wash cloths to finish. This will give me 10 baby shower gifts!

What projects will you be working on?