Meet Our Compassion Kids Monday: Murimi

This is Murimi. He will be 6 years old this month and he lives in Kenya. There are 3 children in Murimi's family and he likes to play ball. We don't know a lot more than this about Murimi yet because we are still waiting for our first letter from him.

When Kelsey and I started signing up for correspondent kids, my husband decided he wanted a child to correspond with also. So he called Compassion and got himself on the waiting list. When we received his packet in the mail, we were excited to see that he received a correspondent child in Kenya! We have friends who are currently living and working in Kenya with Agape Children's Ministry. They were just getting ready to leave for their trip, so we were able to send over with them some items for Murimi.

Kevin is anxiously awaiting his first letter from Murimi, so if you think about it this week, pray that a letter comes soon!