Craft table progress

After I posted yesterday about our Pinterest inspired IKEA trip, a friend of mine let me know that she had a bookcase she was willing to let me have. Yay! Well, this got me to thinking...should I try to use one of the bookcases I already had to make this craft table work?

After I picked up the bookcase from my friend, I started unloading everything off of the bookcases that needed to be moved and moving other things out of the room.  Here are a couple of before pictures:

One of the things that prompted trying to put this craft table project together was that card table in front of the 'closet'. I have been using it to rotary cut out material for my quilting projects and let's just say, it is not cutting it. :o) The table is just not tall enough and my back was not happy about it.

Of course when you clear out a whole bookcase of books and stuff, you end up with piles all over another room in your home:

Here is my version of the craft table project that I had pinned on Pinterest:

And here are a couple of after pictures of the progress so far in the whole room:

The table ends up being about 36 inches off the floor which makes it perfect for standing and rotary cutting out quilting pieces.

One of the things I always realize when I tackle this type of project is just how much stuff I have. Looks like it is time to do some clearing out and finding new homes for some things...but I am so thankful that I was able to pull off this whole re-do for just $5.99!