Olive's visit

This past weekend, we had the privilege of hosting Olive in our home.

Olive grew up in Uganda as a Compassion sponsored child. She is currently attending the Denver Seminary where is working to earn a Masters degree in Professional Leadership. Her goal is to return to Uganda and do whatever the Lord would have her to do to help other children living in poverty.

Another Compassion Advocate who lives close by had contacted Compassion about having an LDP (Leadership Development Program) student come to speak at their church. When Compassion realized that we were close by, they thought it would be great if Olive could speak at our church also during that same weekend.

So the arrangements were made and soon we were driving to the airport to pick up Olive. We talked a lot that evening and learned so much about her and her life in Uganda.

On Saturday, we met up with our new Compassion Advocate friends and headed to San Francisco for the day. Olive had never been to California and San Francisco was what she wanted to see. Here are a few photos of our time in the city:

Olive went home with Cathy and Steve that night as she would be speaking at their church on Sunday morning. On Sunday evening, we were able to put together a special Sunday evening service (with the help of many from our church family!). We had a great attendance! Matthew and Kirsten started the evening with a couple of worhip songs, then we did an interview style presentation. I had asked a few of our church family for questions to ask Olive that evening. Then our pastor followed up with a short powerful message, and Matthew and Kirsten closed our time with one last song.
Then we did what our church family does best, we spent a lot of time in fellowship with each other and many people had time with Olive, talking with her and getting to know her story just a little better.
We didn't have any new sponsorships that night, but I believe the sponsors who were in attendance have a better understanding of how important it is for us to be writing those letters to our sponsored children, telling them that we love them, are praying for them, and giving them the encouragement they so need to here.
If you ever have the chance to host a formerly sponsored Compassion child in your home, do not hesitate to say 'yes'! Without having gone on a Compassion trip...yet, this is probably the next best thing. These young adults have lived the experience and have a powerful testimony to let us all know that Compassion works, not only in the life of this one child, but to all the people in their family and community. I am so thankful for the time we were able to share with this sister in Christ!