Homeschool High School Graduation!

It has been 2 weeks already since we graduated our first student from high school!
This is Matthew on his first day of school
We wanted to make this a special day for Matthew, so I really wanted to involve him in the planning process of the ceremony. I asked him to decide the outline of the ceremony and decide who would be speaking. I told him I would like him to write out his speech and asked that it be at least 1 1/2 to 2 pages, typed.
He helped me to create a simple announcement that we were able to print as 4 x 6 photos (that 9 cent per print coupon from Costco came in handy!). I was in charge of ordering the cakes and picking up decorations.
About 2 weeks before the ceremony, I started working on a big photo project:
I have these 2 albums that I have always planned to put together for each one of the kids with pictures from their school years. I thought it would be too hard to have the photos in an album for the ceremony, I wanted people to be able to see the photos from all of Matthew's school years. So I mounted all the photos on cardstock and randomly placed them on project boards. I printed so many pictures that they filled up four project boards!
We had the ceremony at our church in the afternoon. This worked out well so that family and friends that were from out of town could get there in time for the ceremony.
Matthew had our pastor speak first:
Then our youth pastor:

Next was his dad:
Then it was my turn (yes, I did cry!)
Finally, Matthew gave his speech. I didn't even read it ahead of time.
After Matthew gave his speech, a few of his friends joined him to play a song. Then his dad presented him with his diploma!
I probably should have asked someone to take pictures for me and video tape the ceremony. Oh well! We do have an MP3 file of the audio of the graduation ceremony though! I hope you are able to take the time to listen to the ceremony. It will be something I will treasure!
Overall, I am really pleased with how the ceremony came together. We were so blessed to have family, friends, neighbors, and many members of our church family present.
At this time, Matthew has applied to a local junior college for the fall. We are looking forward to seeing where God leads Matthew from here!