Today, the kids and I were able to head out for a day trip with some friends of ours. Our first stop was the $1 movie at our local Regal theater.

Today, we saw the Kit Kittredge movie. Everyone really enjoyed it!
Then we drove over to the blueberry place! After a picnic lunch, we found our buckets and worked our way over to the blueberry bushes.
They look ready to work!
After 90 to 100 degree weather over the weekend, then cooler and rain yesterday, today was a perfect day for picking blueberries!
We ended up with 10.5 pounds of blueberries, one pound more than last year... :o)
After we get home, I start sorting through them all. We usually end up with some green ones and squishy ones that need to be tossed.
I line a cookie sheet with wax paper and fill the tray with a layer of good berries.
Once the tray is full, the tray goes in the freezer for a couple of hours.
After the berries are frozen, I put one cup of berries in a snack size bag. These bags go into a larger freezer bag and are stored in the freezer. This is a great way to have 'fresh' berries all year long for muffins, smoothies, etc.
Have you done any fun summer things yet?