So happy to find!

Last week was our local homeschool curriculum swap. If I had planned it a little better, I could have boxed up some items and been out there selling some things that I don't need anymore. But the kids and I headed over and as I was looking around, I found a couple of things I was really excited about!

My first find was 'Before Five in a Row' by Jane Claire Lambert. Now you might be thinking, why did she need to purchase this book when she just graduated her first student and her other student is 12? Good question! I went through this book with Kelsey when she was little and I really loved the format. However, I loaned the book to someone years ago and have never seen it come back.

One of the reasons I want to keep this book on hand is in the hopes of one day having grandchildren and being able to spend time with them like my friend, Copperswife. I love that she is able to spend an afternoon each week with her grandchildren, teaching them some fun lessons and spending time together.  What a blessing that must be for her, her daughter, and her grandchildren.

This book was a great bargain! The person was selling it for $2! Now I already have this book, but I have the older edition. This new edition has over 100 new pages included of new material! I may give my older edition to one of the young moms at church who are considering homeschooling.

I like to read homeschooling books like this one over the summer. Like Clay and Sally say in the preface, "This book is designed to give you, a Christian parent and home educator, greater confidence in the stewardship of your children." My homeschool journey is not over. Kelsey and I will be spending the next 5 to 6 years together. Even though I have one homeschool graduate under my belt, there is still room for me to learn and improve so that I can continue to 'train up my children in the way they should go'.

What homeschool books are your favorites?