Drawing and Photo Challenge

On a morning perusal of Pinterest this morning, I found a couple of pins that I thought would be fun to do with Kelsey. The first one was a 30 Day Photo Challenge. I love to take pictures and Kelsey has been having fun taking pictures with her iPod, so we got started right away this morning on the first assignment...Day 1 - Self Portrait:

This was hard for me to do because I am not the type of person who takes pictures of myself with my own camera, in fact, I don't think I have ever done this! :o)

Kelsey, trying to find the 'right lighting', where do these kids get these ideas? :o), decided to get on top of her playhouse to get 'just the right picture'... :o)

Kelsey really likes to draw, so another pin that I found is for a 30 day drawing challenge. Day 1 drawing is a drawing of yourself. An artist I am not, so here is my best attempt at drawing myself holding a camera and a book.
I thought it would be nice at the end of the thirty days to have something nice to keep all our photos and drawings in, kind of a way to remember this fun project in the future. So while we were at Hobby Lobby today, we found these sketch books. We will probably add doodles and other embellishments to the pages as we work through these 30 day challenges.
Want to join us for the challenges?