Destination Experience Compassion Conference: Day 1

After months of planning, we headed out last Wednesday for our week long family vacation! Our desination: Colorado for the Experience Compassion Conference! I registered our family for this one day conference back in April. We looked at possibly flying back, but with airfares as high as they have been, we decided to make it a driving vacation and see some sites along the way.

Since we were looking at least 10 hours of driving this first day, we packed up the car early and hit the road. We brought along breakfast and lunch items to keep expenses down on the trip. So one of our first stops along the way was a rest stop in the Mojave Desert.

 Didn't know the road was actually a California Registered Historical Landmark!
 I love blue sky and cloud pictures!
This is the first time these three have been in Utah, so had to take the traditional state sign picture by the side of the road... :o)

 Our lodging for the first 2 nights. KOA tent cabin in Cedar City, Utah. The kids loved sleeping on the bunks! This ended up being cheaper than staying in a hotel and it was fun having our own little cabin to stay in.
Good night from Utah! Stay tuned for our day 2 destination in my next blog post.