Destination Experience Compassion Conference: Day 3

Today would be another 10 hour day of driving, but today, our final destination would be Colordao Springs! We left Utah early in the morning in order to hopefully make it to a gathering of Compassion advocates that evening.

After hours of driving, we finally made it to the Utah-Colorado border! We still had quite a few hours of driving to do before we would arrive in Colorado Springs. Today we would pass over the Continental Divide at 11,158 feet above sea level! Our little town in California is only 100 feet above sea level!
So we finally make it into Colorado Springs and we can't find the hotel we are to stay at. Panic time! I finally call the hotel and they give us a different physical address than what Travelocity shows for the hotel. So we make it over to the hotel, check in, quickly unload the car, and do a quick freshen up before we head over to the gathering.
It was so nice to see all these Compassion Advocate smiling faces when we arrived!
I had talked with a few of these people before our arrival, but it was so nice to meet them in person! Amy, Heidi and Ian have been a great help to me over this past year in my role as a Compassion Advocate. I was so thankful we had this time to meet up before the conference the next day.
Let me tell you a little bit about the amazing place we met up at for dinner. The name of the place is Glen Eyrie and it is home to The Navigators. Glen Eyrie is a castle which was built by the gentleman that founded Colorado Springs. We didn't really have a chance to tour around the building and the grounds, but we did find a few things to photograph while we were there.
Wouldn't Matthew look good in that suit of armor?
We ate our pizza dinner in the drawing room. I kept feeling underdressed and was waiting for Mr. Darcy to walk in the room at any minute!
Since I was busy talking with many new friends, Kelsey kept busy with my camera.
 Lighting for the drawing room
 Extra lighting on the wall
 View from the drawing room
 Sweet simple table decorations

 A lamp post...are we near Narnia?
One last picture as we left
Time to head back to the hotel for a good night sleep before a big day 4 of our trip!