It all started with...

...a picture I saw in the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens.
Source: via Yvonne on Pinterest

The article had a sub-heading which stated, "Enjoy summer afternoons in a dreamy garden escape built on a budget with repurposed materials." So I started adding some fun, creative ideas to my Backyard and Garden board on Pinterest to see if we could make this 'retreat' a reality.

We had quite a few things on our side already to get this project underway: 1. we already have an existing outside structure, 2. we had a couple of closet doors living in the garage taking up space, and 3. we had a couple of shutters, also in the garage taking up space.

So we purchased a few items to get started on this project: 1. paint for the structure and spray paint for a couple of other items, 2. small crates to be used as shelving, 3. a light fixture (from the Re-store Store) for candles, and 4. an outdoor rug.

Matthew was able to paint some of the items this week. Then this morning, Kev and Kelsey painted the structure.

 We added the doors to one corner
 I painted the doors while...
 ...Kev painted the shutters.
 Here is the light fixture we will be adding.
 Found this cute table for $10 at Hobby Lobby!
 Crates added to the doors for shelving
 One view of what we have put together so far
And another view
At this point, we need to put up the light fixture (which we will just be using with candles), purchase a couple of adirondack chairs, and lay down the carpet. Then just add a couple more decorative items and we will have a nice 'beachy' area in our backyard. Kev even said I should find some ocean tunes on iTunes to play while I am back here reading my Bible in the morning. Then I can pretend I am at the beach, definitely like this idea!
I will be sure to post pictures of the finished area once we have everything in place. So what project have you tackled at home this summer?