Our Backyard Beach Retreat!

As much as I would love to live on beach front property, at this point in our lives, I know it is not a possibility. So we created a beach retreat in our own backyard!
The inspiration for this was in a previous post, but we weren't quite finished with the project yet. We have been able to finish a couple of things up and I worked on a couple of decorative items, so now we have our backyard beach retreat to enjoy!

 I am going to love those red chairs during our cold and foggy winter mornings!
 I found quite a few ideas and pinned them on my Backyard and Garden board on Pinterest. Be sure to hope over there if you need some backyard inspiration!
Matthew spent quite a bit of time with the jigsaw cutting out this 'driftwood' sign for our beach.
As I mentioned in my previous post, a lot of the items we added to 'the beach' were already sitting around in the garage. With some paint and a few additions, we were able to creatively and somewhat frugally create a backyard retreat area that we will be able to enjoy for quite some time!