Just a little 'Girl Talk'

Wednesday nights have been kind of special around here for me and Kelsey. Kev has been going to a Bible study down the street and Matthew goes to youth group. That leaves just us girls home for a couple of hours! We have been trying to do some special girl things together (pedicures, working on her quilt, etc.) and reading girl books together.

A few weeks ago we started reading this new book called 'Girl Talk' by Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre. We have really enjoyed the chapters and discussions. Last week, the chapter talked about an afternoon out. Since Kelsey is more of a home type girl, we decided to plan an 'afternoon out' at home for the very next day while Matthew was away at school for the day.
 First, we stopped by the store and picked up a couple of fun magazines to browse through together.

 Then, we made up our homemade iced coffee.
 We pulled out a nice tray and cloth napkins. Oh, and there was homemade biscotti, too!
 Kelsey was trying to be a little camera shy... :o)
 Hey, look! I am in a picture! :o)
 This recipe looks amazing!
 A little less camera shy this time... :o)
This tray looks like it would be fun to make.
Overall, the point of the 'afternoon out' was a chance to be together, doing something that we both enjoy. During this semester, we have at least 2 days a week that it is just the two of us at home. As Kelsey begins to enter these teen years, I want us to continue to build on the good relationship we already have. Hopefully, we can continue to have many afternoons like this one!