I visited the blog of one of my Instagram friends and found out about this InstaFriday thing where you share on your blog your Instagram pictures from the week. This looked like fun so here is my first InstaFriday post!

 Matthew, Kev, and I spent most of the day on Saturday up at Joshua Fest volunteering at the Compassion table.
 We ran into Nate and Jillian while we were there. They sponsored a little girl!
 On Sunday, Matthew and I headed back up to help that night. Joe Rojas from Seventh Day Slumber gave a powerful Compassion talk! He even made me cry!
 84 rows done...136 to go on my knitting project!
 Kelsey making a sugar cube ziggurat for her Mystery of History activity. This will be our second time going through Volume I.
 Homeschool lesson on making homemade laundry soap. We compared prices and realized we are saving tons of money by making our own. Kelsey was really amazed!
 Finished the pillow for our backyard beach retreat chairs.
 Took this picture of the clouds on the way to my photography class last night.

And here is my tomato jungle. I need to plan my garden a little better next year. I can't hardly get to the tomatoes along the back of the fence!
Well, did you enjoy the recap of my week? If so, be sure to visit InstFriday at Life Rearranged to see more InstaFriday posts!

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