Happy Compassion Mail Day!

 Today there was a new letter with a drawing from Abner!!!!

Abner is one of my Compassion correspondent kids. He lives in Colombia and we have been corresponding for about a year now. He is such a sweet boy!

Here is what his letter said:

"Dear sponsor Yvonne,
I greet you with a big hug filled with peace, love and blessings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Today is a very cheerful day for me because I have the opportunity to write you again. I thank you for the letter, drawings and pictures. I am very proud you are my sponsor since you have a very kind heart and you help other children. My family and I will be praying for them and their families. We also will continue praying so that God takes care of you and gives you wisdom every day and good health. I hope you pray so that God uses me as an instrument to his work. I tell you that my mother had her birthday on August 11. I am going to decorate a card with a beautiful rose. I am doing well in school too, and I got 2nd place in my classroom. I feel very happy at the project. I hope you read Joshua 1:9. I say goodbye with much love. You are always in my heart.


This little boy is just 9 years old and I love how he shares his heart with me. If you have taken the time to read through Abner's letter, will you say a prayer for him and his family?