Pinterest Christmas Ornaments

Every year since I can remember, I have purchased Christmas ornaments for each member of our little family.
But with all the creative ideas I have seen on Pinterest, I decided to make our ornaments this year.

I did all the embroidery on these last week at our Pinterest party...

Today, I took the time to finish them up a bit...
I wanted to back them all with a bit of felt, so I removed the embroidery hoop, placed the fabric on top of the felt, then added the hoop back onto the fabric and the felt.

 Then I trimmed off the excess fabric and felt around the embroidery hoop.

 I added a touch of glue around the cut fabric to seal the edges.
 Added some ribbon around each hoop...

...and a bit of ribbon at the top so these can be hung on our Christmas tree this year. One more completed Pinterest project!
Have you completed a Pinterest project lately?