The Joy Dare - restart

Back in January, I started a new journal. I was determined to make an effort to follow The Joy Dare. How hard could it be? Every day, write down three things that you are thankful for. Well, as life would have it, my journal has been neglected for most of the year.

Rather than feel defeated, I can do a restart! When I look through my journal, I can see that I actually have made some progress. Not consistently, but there are 291 entries. That is 291 things that I have taken the time to write down that I am thankful for this year!

Has your Joy journal been neglected lately? Let's purpose together to continue these lists that can help us change our attitudes, help us to see that He is with us in the little things that we encounter as moms each and every day.

286. candlelight
287. raindrops
288. orange mums
289. homemade toasted cheese sandwich with sweet pickles and dijon mustard
290. blue sky peeking through a cloud-filled sky
291. afternoon Bible study