You can…Change The Story!

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Short Main Video from Compassion International on Vimeo.

As a Compassion sponsor, one of the things you can do at least once a year is share your love for this ministry with your local church family. Each year in the spring, Compassion gives us the materials and opportunity to share how sponsoring a child not only impacts that child’s life, but your life as well.

Right now on the Compassion Sunday website, you can view video testimonials, order a free planning guide, read facts about poverty, and many other things.

Planning a Compassion Sunday is easy:

  1. Pray about your participation
  2. Talk with your pastor
  3. Order a free planning guide
  4. Prepare your presentation

Everything you need to plan and prepare for your Compassion Sunday is available on the Compassion Sunday website.

Are you ready to help Change the Story for more children living in extreme poverty? I hope you are!