Not One, Not Two…

…but three letters in one week!

Cream colored envelopes that arrive in our mailbox with “A Message From Your Sponsored Child” are pretty special around here. And just last week, I received 3 letters! Today I am going to share with you what each one of these special kids wrote.


This first letter is from Lina in Colombia. She will be 14 next month and we have been sponsoring here for almost 3 years now. Here is what she writes:

Dear Yvonne Reynolds


God blesses you and allows you to enjoy this New Year close to your beloved ones. I will be praying that it will be like that. Remember that I love you a lot. You know, one day I would like to visit your country because I want to meet you and give you a big hug. It will be also a great opportunity to learn to speak English. I feel grateful to you for the unconditional support that you give me. You are really very important to me. God blessed me with your friendship and I am happy to know that I can count with it in spite of the distance. The letter, stickers, and the tree were really a good present! Did you do that lovely tree? Thank you for answering my questions and from remaining praying for my family but mainly for my father. do you want me to pray for you for something in particular? I also thank you for your Christmas present. I was able to get with it, a painting, a pair of shorts-skirt, a blouse, and a set of skin powder. I want to go to the university, when I grow up to become a vet as I really love animals. I want to help them because it really affects me when people hurt them. I know I will be a very sensible vet, gentle and loving, with God’s support. It won’t be only to my benefit but in benefit of other people, too. Once I go back to the cdi I would like to make a nice card to send you it in the next letters’ season we will have. I send you Romans 8:28. Remember to pray for my studies. Goodbye with love! Sincerely yours, Lina


This next letter is from Eduardo. He is 6, almost 7 years old and lives in Mexico. We have been sponsoring him for a little over a year now. Because of his age, the letters we receive from him are form letters that are filled in. This one is titled ‘My Dreams’:

Someday I would like to visit: Mexico City

Someday I would like to help my family: to build a house

Someday I would like to meet my sponsor because: I want to see her

Someday I would like to be like: Jesus

Please pray for: my nephews

I would like to ask you: Do you play volleyball?

I want to thank you for: your gifts

I want to tell you: Thank you for the gift you sent me (I got one Max Steel toy, two cars and one iron for my family). I like them very much. My special request for you is that you take good care of yourself and please pray for me. I see the rainbow when it rains a lot and the sun is shining.


This last letter is from Victor. Victor is 14 years old and lives in Ecuador. He is one of 2 correspondent kids that I am writing to. I have been writing to him for about 1 1/2 years now and he is really starting to share more of his heart:

Dear Yvonne Reynolds,

I greet you in Jesus’ name. Thanks for the letter and the sticker that you sent to me. I always think of you. I’m your friend. You are as good as Jesus is, and so is your family. Please send blessings my way. You are my friend and so is Jesus. I like to play soccer with my friends and classmates. I had a beautiful Christmas with my family, but I wanted to have you by my side too. I always pray for Jesus to bless you. You are Jesus’ sister. Please pray for me. My siblings and I pray for you and your family. I just want to be friends with you forever. Well, that’s all for now. I say goodbye to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ with all my love. Thanks for the letter and all the gifts.

I don’t know about you, but these letters always are a blessing to me and remind me of how special these relationships are that we are building with these kids. I may never have a chance to meet any other them, but to know that they are my brothers and sisters in Christ, brings joy to my soul.

Have you received letters from your kids recently?