A Trip Back in Time

For the past few years, five or six times a year, our family packs up our car with many items from the 1860’s, and we camp out for the weekend, all while participating in Civil War Reenactments. All of this came about when Matthew became very interested in history, especially Civil War history. Being in California, our group really doesn’t reenact specific battles from the Civil War, but during the weekend, we try to make things as authentic as possible for the many visitors that come through our camps and watch the battles.

union camp

When we first thought of the idea of participating in these events as a family, my husband was not really excited about the thought. I really felt this was something we needed to do to support Matthew’s interest and mentioned that if Matthew was playing football or some other sport, we would be at some stadium or ball field a lot. My husband agreed, we became ‘official members’ of the 20th Maine, and our journey as Civil War Reenactors began.


At this last event, after spending most of his time in the Union camp over the years, Matthew decided to ‘join up’ with his friends from the 43rd Virginia. He is the third one over from the right in the brown cap.

Participating in these events as a family has given us something to do together. And for this I am really thankful. During the teens years, it seems like so many kids are going off to one thing or another and families don’t spend as much time together as they used to. This has also been a great time of Matthew developing some leadership skills that he may not have been able to gain in other activities. Plus, this has really enhanced his love of history.


Is there something you like to do as a family? What do you do to support your children’s loves and interests?