Mommy Jammies Night

When I started homeschooling back in August of 1999, the internet was, what I consider, still in the infancy stages of what it has grown into being today. No Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter, no Skype! Today, there are so many resources available to help each one of us grow in our faith, find resources to be better wives and moms, and to encourages us on days when things just don’t seem to be going the way we planned.

In fact, I am excited to let you know about a wonderful opportunity you can take part in right from your own home next week…and you can attend wearing your jammies!

My friend Kendra is going to be the guest speaker for the upcoming Mommy Jammies Night on Tuesday, September 10th. She is going to be talking about the topic of Homeschooling in Times of Crisis. Here is her description of the workshop:

Homeschooling in Times of Crisis- Illness, job loss, moving, death... Life is messy and unpredictable but God is never surprised at the trials we find ourselves facing. If your path to homeschooling seems particularly burdensome this year, come hear a fresh word of hope and grace, and leave encouraged that even during the hardest times, our children can learn some of the best lessons ever while growing up in our homes.”

Are you feeling burdened about the tasks you feel God has called you to this year? Join in next week, Tuesday, September 10th, for the Mommy Jammies Night and hear about the Hope that only He can give.