Compassion Joy Dare

My Compassion blogging friend, Jill, has started a monthly blog link up called Compassion Joy Dare. This is a way for each one of us to share about the blessings God provides through our involvement with Compassion. While I didn’t receive letters from any of my Compassion kids this month, it was a month filled with some wonderful blessings:

Compassion friends met up with a fellow Compassion advocate for breakfast on our trip down to Southern California

Compassion blog month participated in Compassion’s blog month to help find sponsors for over 3,160 children

Compassion Share & Tell

started a new blog link up for Compassion sponsors to share what they are mailing to their sponsored children each month

Compassion trip

received our Compassion trip brochure with some tips to help us prepare for our trip in January!!

Jill has made it really easy for each one of us to participate in her Compassion Joy Dare blog link up. Once you have written your own blog post, sharing your Compassion blessings from the past month, be sure to link up with Jill at her blog, Compassion Family.

I would love to hear what Compassion blessings have happened in your life this past month!