April Compassion Share & Tell

Many Compassion sponsors like to write to their sponsored children at least once a month to keep a steady flow of letters arriving for their kids. But I know many sponsors struggle with what to write each month, if they even write at all. I started these share and tell posts a while back to share what I have been writing to my own Compassion kids, hoping they serve as inspiration for sponsors to write to their kids on a more regular basis.

Items for my Compassion sponsored children this month

Items for my Compassion sponsored children this month

In the Easter section at one of our local stores, I found these coloring pads to send to each of my Compassion kids. And I had the ocean creature stationary in my paper stash. No particular reason for using the ocean paper, but I thought the kids would enjoy it!

So here is my letter to Lina this month:

Dear Lina,

You had a birthday since I wrote to you last. I pray your special day was a happy one filled with a lot of celebrations!

In the last letter I received from you, you told me that you were able to visit the doctor and the dentist. I am glad to hear that you are healthy. I am also happy to hear that you are learning about good nutrition at the CDC. Be sure to get plenty of exercise too.

This upcoming Sunday is Easter Sunday. We will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus! Do you and your family do anything special to celebrate this important day? One thing I am looking forward to seeing at our church on Sunday is a Living Cross. This will be made from the branches of an old Christmas tree, then it will be decorated with flowers from people's gardens. I will have to take a picture of it and mail it to you in my next letter. Be sure to look up and read Matthew 28:6.

I continue to pray for you and your family, and I look forward to receiving your next letter!

Have you written to your sponsored child this month? I would love for you to share what you have written! You can link up with your own blog post below or share in the comments. And remember, it is not a matter of how much or how little you share in your letters. The kids just want to hear from you!