Books + Photography = Instagram Fun

Last month, I decided to join in an Instagram photo challenge put on by Fat Mum Slim. For October, the prompts were each letter of the alphabet, one letter per day. Rather than just randomly try to find something each day that began with that letter to photograph, I decided to do a book theme. Some letters were very easy to find books for, others, well...I am sure you can imagine how interesting it would be to find book titles that begin with Q or X. And because this was a photography challenge, I wanted to take photos of books we have in our home, some of them in very creative ways.

So what were some of my favorites?

books starting with the letter 'C'

Books starting with the letter 'C' formed into a letter 'C'.

Emma and a cup of tea

'Emma' should be enjoyed with a cup of tea...any Jane Austen book for that matter...

Harold and the Purple Crayon

'Harold and the Purple Crayon', just love his imagination!

Just me books by Mercer Mayer

Just Me books by Mercer Mayer, we have just a few of these...

Math books plus chocolate

Math plus chocolate, yes!

Nancy Drew books

Nancy Drew...yes, I read quite a few of these as a young girl.

And my favorite...

Yosemite guides

Yosemite, of course!!

Do you have an Instagram account? I would love for you to join in the fun! You can follow my account here.

What book titles would you choose for your favorite letter of the alphabet?