Compassion and My Childhood meet in Mexico

Before I share a lot of details about my Compassion Mexico trip, I have been wrestling for days, trying to put into words what I experienced on this trip.

I believe many of us have details from our childhood that we would prefer to lock away in the depths of our brain and never have them surface again. But like Joseph and Esther, I believe there are times when God wants to use our experiences, no matter how painful or hard, for His purpose and good, and to stretch us in moments like He has never stretched us before.

The day before my visit with Felix, I learned more about his family life. He is living a childhood very similar to what mine was. Learning this, I realized why God had pulled at my heart to sponsor this young boy.

14_Jan_Photos for Felix_001_edit-5.jpg

Separated by over 2000 miles, our families will be connected by God. He has put a desire in my heart to be in constant prayer for Felix and his family. I do not need to fear for his safety, or the safety of his mom or his siblings. God will be watching over them.

The amazing thing, though? I can share Bible verses with Felix that will be an encouragement to him, because I know the fear he must be feeling. I can remind him of how much God loves him. My letters to Felix will be a bit different than to my other sponsored children because I know more details about Felix and his family. 


As we walked away from Felix's home that day, God filled the sky with these amazing clouds and sun rays. It was as if He was reminding me He is there. He knows the details of Felix's life. It was no accident that Felix's child packet found its way home with me last month. God knew.

And there are many more children who are living a life like none of us can even imagine. We don't know the details, but God does. And He is looking for people to step out in faith, sacrifice a little, and sponsor a child in need. Will you be one who makes the difference in the life of a child today?