Compassion Christmas Display

Do you have a few copies of Compassion's Gift Catalog on hand? If you do, or even if you do not, I am going to show you how you can set up a Compassion Christmas Display for your church lobby.


Here is what you will need to set up your display:

  • a few copies of Compassion's Gift Catalog (if you do not have any catalogs on hand, print pictures from Compassion's Gift Catalog website)
  • black poster frame (I found mine at Walmart)
  • sheet metal to fit inside the frame (I found a sheet already cut to fit at Home Depot)
  • small Christmas tree
  • red and green cardstock
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • hole punch
  • ribbon
  • black marker
  • magnets

First, place the sheet metal inside the poster frame. This will give you a magnetic surface which will allow you to easily change out your Compassion display.

Next, cut round circles from the red cardstock to be used as ornaments for your Christmas tree. Then use the items from the back of the Compassion Gift Catalog, cut the individual items out, and adhere them to the round ornaments. Hole punch toward the top, decorate the ornament with the black marker, and add a small bit of ribbon. Hang these ornaments onto your Christmas tree.

Then, find other gift ideas and quotes from the gift catalog. Cut these out and glue them to pieces of green cardstock. Place these on your framed piece of sheet metal with a few magnets.

Finally, place a few extra copies of Compassion's Gift Catalog onto the table (as well as a few child packets!) and your Compassion Christmas Display is complete!