Compassion Share & Tell

Today is the second friday of the month, a day that a lot of Compassion sponsors set aside time to write to the children they sponsor. This morning, I was finishing up letters to my kids and wanted to share what I am mailing to them this month.

Compassion Share & Tell

As letters come in from my sponsored kids, I am trying to respond to those right away so that I make sure I am answering any questions they may have. But once a month, I want to set aside time to mail extra things with the letters.

So this month, I wrote to each of them about going ice skating with my daughter. I also asked them if there is anything special they like to do with their mom and what sport do they love. Along with the letter, I sent a photo of the two of us ice skating, a postcard of a sea otter and a Bible verse printable I found on Pinterest.

One thing extra I did create this month was this printable stationary using Canva. You are welcome to access this file and use the printable stationary when writing letters to your own sponsored children.

If you are a Compassion sponsor, I pray that you are setting aside time to write to your sponsored children on a regular basis. These kids love, love, love letters from their sponsors!