Compassion Share & Tell: May 2014

Hey Compassion sponsors! Have you written to your sponsored child lately? Those kids love letters from you and I am here to encourage you to write them them! You can write them online, or mail them a handwritten letter, or even just a card. The point is to take time out of your day to let them know that they matter to you.

This month, I am sending something a little special to each of my kids. Want to see what I am sending?

May Compassion mailing to my sponsored kids

May Compassion mailing to my sponsored kids

This month, here is what I am sending to my kids:

Here is what I wrote to Lina:

Hello Lina,

We recently received an updated photograph of you, so I wanted to send to you the photographs I have of you. You are growing up into a lovely young woman!

This month I want to share with you Romans 8:31. Remember that God is always watching over you. He loves you! And I love you too!

Short and sweet, letters don't need to be long and drawn out. Just a reminder to these kids that they are in my thoughts and prayers. 

Will you take time to write to your sponsored child today?