Fundraising for our next Compassion trip

If you had told me 6 years ago when we first started sponsoring children through Compassion that I would have the opportunity to go visit one of our children, I would have thought you were nuts. There was no way I ever thought it was going to be possible to ever visit any of our sponsored children. But here we are, 6 years after sponsoring our first Compassion child and I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit two of our sponsored children.

This was only possible because God allowed it to happen. He gave me the ability to use some of my gifts to make and sell items to raise money. Sewing, knitting, baking, photography...and so many people stepped up to help me along the way by purchasing these items to help me get to Mexico and Colombia.

So now my daughter wants to go on a trip!! We have been sponsoring little Alfredo in Mexico for about two years now and Kelsey really wants to meet him, give him a hug, and tell him that she loves him. How can I not do whatever I can to make a trip happen for her?

I will still be sewing, knitting, baking and doing photography to earn money to fund this trip, but this time, we need to earn money for two people, which is going to take a bit more money.

Fund the Nations shirt fundraiser

This time, we are selling shirts! These shirts were created by Fund the Nations and we will be pre-selling them through April 15th. The shirts are $20 for S-XL (XXL and XXXL and $2 more). If you are not local to us, we will ship the shirt to you for an extra $3. We should be able to get the shirts to you by the end of April. My goal is to sell 100 shirts! Need more info, e-mail me at kymk99 at yahoo dot com.

Will you help us meet our goal?