My Daily Life in Black and White

Are you on Facebook or Instagram?

Most people have an account on one of those social media channels, if not both.

Have you been tagged in the recent Seven Days, Black and White photo challenge?

My friend Kendra tagged me on Instagram to participate. Since I love photography, I decided to join in on the challenge.

Not only did I post seven days worth of black and white photos on my Instagram account, I decided to use my DSLR to capture similar images also. And I kept to using my 35mm lens.

So here is a glimpse of my daily life in black and white:

I have to tell you, that photo with my contact lens case and my glasses was a little interesting to capture.


Well, I am super near sighted, and I didn't even think to just go ahead and put my contacts in my eyes before attempting to take that picture. Ha!

Have you completed a photo challenge recently? What type of photo challenge do you like to participate in?