October Compassion Share & Tell

To say I have been busy this month would be a big understatement! But I never want to be too busy to write letters to my Compassion kids. And since I sent a pretty quick note to each of them last month, I wanted to take the time to go back through some of their older letters and answer some of their questions I may have overlooked in the last couple of months. Plus, I wanted to send them each a couple of extras with their letter.

Compassion binders

First off, I pulled out all of my binders which contain all of the letters I have received from my kids. In these binders, I like to keep a copy of the letters I mail out also. This way, I can remember what I wrote to each one of them, and I make notes of the extras I mail with their letters.

Abstract coloring page

One of the extras I am mailing this month are these abstract coloring pages I found on Pinterest. I colored one for each of my kids (that took a bit of time!), and I am mailing them a copy to color for themselves. I know I love when they take the time to draw pictures for me, so I thought they might appreciate something colorful from me in their letter.

country stickers

I also included these stickers I found at the dollar store recently. For each child, I put all of their items together, made sure their name and sponsor number, as well as my name and sponsor number, were on each item, then I just stapled everything together for each child. All of the letters were put into a 9x12-inch envelope and mailed off to Compassion.

As far as the content of each letter, I know I usually share that with you each month. But this month, each letter was so different. So I am not going to share a letter this month. But I am going to encourage you to write to your sponsored child. Your words matter to them, and they appreciate the time you take out of your day to jot down those words of encouragement.