Quick Trip to the Northeast - Day Two

The overall plan for this day was to drive from Plymouth, Massachusetts to Bar Harbour, Maine. Since we would be driving right through Boston, I told Matthew he should pick two places he really wanted to see in Boston.

Place #1: Granary Burying GroundMatthew wanted to stop here because Benjamin Franklin's parents are buried here, as well as Paul Revere. Well, the traffic into Boston was quite heavy that morning AND the traffic in Boston was super crazy! We drove past the cemetery, couldn't see any parking. Then we saw a sign for public parking. Pulled into the parking garage, drove through the whole thing, couldn't find one available parking spot! So, we decided to head out of town and go to the other place Matthew wanted to see.

Place #2: Bunker Hill - Bunker Hill is the site of the first major battle of the Revolutionary War. There is a monument (kind of looks like the Washington Monument) on top of the hill and a museum across the street. We walked around the monument and took a peak in the museum.

Bunker Hill Monument

The Freedom Trail Walk looks like it would be an amazing thing to do AND Boston is probably very interesting to explore, but our goal for this day was to make it all the way up to Bar Harbour. So exploring Boston and the Freedom Trail will have to wait for another visit.

From Boston, you have to drive through part of New Hampshire to get to Maine. If I had been driving and if this was my trip, I would have stopped at each of the state signs to take pictures. BUT, this was not my trip, I was just tagging along!

Since I was not driving at this point, I did get a photo of the Maine sign from the car as we entered that state!

Maine state sign

The drive from Plymouth, MS to Bar Harbour, ME is over 300 miles, so we definitely had to have a bit of coffee for the drive.

Coffee sign in Maine

We drove the coastal route in Maine which takes you through a lot of small towns. We drove right past Bowdoin College and the L.L. Bean. As we drove past these places, we talked about stopping by them on the way back down.

I did do some of the driving and finally got to the point where I just had to stop and stretch for a bit. This is where we stopped:

Penobscot Bridge

This would have been a really cool spot to explore! Inside one of the towers is an elevator to the top! And Fort Knox is right next to the bridge! I will have to add this to the list of places to stop at if/when I ever make it back to Maine.

After we made it to Bar Harbour, we checked into our hotel and looked for a place to have dinner. Before dinner, I really wanted to get another photo of sunset from the east coast. We tried to work our way over to the west part of the island and finally found a great spot:

Sunset in Maine

Apparently, during low tide, you can walk across a land bridge to one of the smaller islands. Another thing to plan for a future trip!

For dinner, Matthew had pulled pork sliders and I had clam chowder, yum! Then we shared a piece of homemade blueberry pie:

Homemade blueberry pie

It was delicious!

Did you miss day one of our trip? You can read about it here.

And stay tuned for day three of our quick trip to the northeast!