Snowflakes in September

It is mid afternoon here in Central California, about 100 degrees outside, and about 80 degrees inside my house. So why am I talking about snowflakes??

Since it takes a good couple of months for our letters to be received by our Compassion sponsored children, sometimes, I like to plan ahead and talk about things in the upcoming future. For instance, today, in my letters to my Compassion kids, I talked a bit about the seasons.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

And since I was talking about the seasons, this was the perfect opportunity to make some coffee filter snowflakes to include with my letter! I made a few for each of my Compassion kids, then put them inside a ziploc bag (along with a photo of Yosemite in the winter). Then I stapled the bag to the back of the letter. I made sure to include my sponsored child's name and number, as well as my name and sponsor number, to the front of the ziploc bag. This way, if the bag becomes detached from the letter, they can match up the ziploc bag with the right letter.

I have to say, I am loving the convenience of the Compassion app, but I love to send extras with some of my letters. And I know how much the kids love to receive photographs!

What fun thing have you mailed to your Compassion sponsored child lately?