Sponsor these twin boys!


Let me introduce you to Luan and Lucas. These twin boys are two of four children who live with their mother in Brazil. They both help their mom by running errands and cleaning. Their birthdays are on December 4th and they will be turning 10 this year.

I need your help to find sponsors for these two boys. I really don’t want them to be split up, so if you know someone who has been wanting to sponsor children from the same family, here is your opportunity! We need to find sponsors for them by Friday, May 3rd. If you are unable to sponsor them, please be praying that we can find sponsors for them before the end of next week. Wouldn’t it be great for them to be sponsored by the same person and for both of them to be able to regularly receive letters!

Please share this post with your friends! If you would like to sponsor these boys, please leave a comment on this blog post or send me an e-mail at kymk99_at_yahoo_dot_com.