Year of Monthly Dates

When my daughter suggested that we all make our Christmas gifts for each other this past Christmas, I was really glad that Pinterest announced the

secret boards.

I had fun pinning items to the secret board I created with all my Christmas ideas for my family.

For my husband, I put together a

Year of Monthly Dates



On our


calendar, I set up an 'appointment' for us to meet on the 1st day of each month to open the envelope for that month and set aside a time/date for our monthly date. Included in each envelope is a prayer prompt for each of us, as well as a prayer bookmark where we can record prayer requests we have for that month. There is another envelope inside the manila envelope with the details for the date for that month.

For our January date, we were to create a

hint box

for each other. After being married for a while, sometimes you need a little help from your spouse on what would be an encouragement to them. These can be simple things like, making sunny side up eggs for breakfast or picking up a 3 Musketeers bar on the way home. Our job now is to fill out the little slips of paper and decorate our boxes for each other.


The pictures are a little out of order on this post because we did go out for breakfast first at a nearby place that a lot of the locals just love and we had never been there! We just might have to go on a few more breakfast dates in the future... :o)


Since we were heading to Hobby Lobby anyway...I was wanting to look for some items to rearrange the


, especially since I have this new pallet art work that my husband made for me for Christmas! Isn't it beautiful! I found just about everything I was looking for, just need to figure out what will go in the shadow box (and I did trim the flowers so they fit in the vase better).

Want to know what we are doing for our date next month? Be sure to check back next month! :o)