The ABCs of Compassion - Jesus

Out of all the letters of the alphabet for Compassion, this has got to be the most important one.

‘J’ is for Jesus!

Jesus is at the heart of Compassion.

So much so, that Jesus is a part of Compassion’s mission statement:

Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name

In the book, Mission Drift, the authors share that Compassion has been told that if they remove the last three words from their mission statement, they would be able to work in more countries around the world.

And I tell people at events all the time, there are a lot of wonderful organizations doing amazing things to help people who are living in extreme poverty.

But if those people do not know who Jesus is, and if they do not have the opportunity to enter into a relationship with Jesus, they have no eternal hope.

This is why I love volunteering with Compassion!

I love knowing that at each and every Compassion center, the Gospel is being taught to each and every child. And in many cases, the children are sharing about Jesus with their families!

Mural of Jesus and children at Compassion center in Colombia

What word would you have chosen to go with the letter ‘J’?

Merry Christmas

Today, as I am spending time baking, wrapping presents, and making friendship bracelets (more on that later!), I want to remember to say 'Merry Christmas!' to you. I pray you have time today and tomorrow to simply be in awe of God's love for you.