17 Mile Drive

Do you have a least favorite season? Mine is winter.

Contrary to popular belief, the sun is not always shining in California. Especially in the Central California Valley in winter.

a typical foggy California winter morning

We have quite a few foggy days here, and sometimes a week can go by without us seeing blue skies and sunshine.

Because I love getting a healthy dose of natural vitamin D (aka. sunshine!) on a regular basis, I knew, after a week of hardly seeing any sunshine, I needed to find some, somewhere!

So last weekend, my gracious husband decided to put some projects on hold and treat me to a day out on the California coast. We decided to try to find a deli (we found an amazing one!), pick up some sandwiches for lunch, and head over to 17 Mile Drive along the Pacific coastline.

It was an incredibly gorgeous day!

beach along 17 mile drive
the lone cypress tree along 17 mile drive
Pacific Ocean off 17 mile drive

Once we finished driving (and stopping at many spots!) along 17 Mile Drive, we headed down to Point Lobos to do a little walking around before dinner.

view from our hike at Point Lobos

It truly amazes me how many beautiful spots there are in California! 

Where do you like to go for day trips in your area?