Tackle It on Tuesday

Sometimes I feel as a stay at home, homeschool mom, there are things I don't take care of at home because, after all, I don't have a boss that I need to be accountable to or they are just 'not that important'. But I do have a responsibility to my family and to myself to take the time to handle certain things, otherwise my family wouldn't eat or have clean clothes to wear! Today, I am not talking about the daily items.

I am talking about the things and projects I would like to tackle, so I have come up with a plan and I am inviting you to join in! And I want you to help me be accountable, which is why I am sharing this here on my blog. You see, I like to work on projects and to be honest, sometimes I get them started, and then I don't complete them. Or, there could be an area of my home that is driving me nuts with clutter! But then I get some overwhelmed with the task of tackling that project, then I just don't tackle it at all.

So here is my plan: each Tuesday, I am going to share a photo with you of a project that I would like to tackle over the next week. Then, the following Tuesday, I will share the progress with you and possibly introduce the next project that I would like to tackle. And if you all like this idea, I will start a link up so you can share on your blog your own Tackle It on Tuesday projects!

My messy desk

My messy desk

First up, my messy desk! I really need to tackle this, too much clutter! A flat surface in a home is a dangerous place, it is like a magnet, attracting every stray piece of paper that I just am not sure what to do with. Over the next week, I need to look at what ends up here, and see if I can come up with a better system of filing paper (and a whole bunch of other stuff it looks like!) 

Do you have projects around your home you would like to make some progress on? Maybe it is a sewing project, maybe it is an area of clutter, maybe it is a book you would like to finish reading? Whatever project it is, I would love to know if you are interested in joining me for Tackle It on Tuesday. Let me know in the comments, and maybe, just maybe, we can have a link up next week to tackle these projects together!