Tackle It on Tuesday: Too many socks

So last week, I was almost embarressed to show you my overflowing sock drawer

Overflowing sock drawer

The drawer was so full, I couldn't even close it all the way! Yikes! 

This is a project that doesn't really take too much time, it is just a matter of making time to do it.

Soon to be rags pile

First, I pulled everything out of the drawer and made one pile of socks to discard. My husband likes to use socks in the garage for rags, so rather than throw these away, I was able to give him a full bag of 'new' rags.

The keep pile of socks

When I looked at my 'keep' pile of socks, I knew there were more socks there than I really needed to keep. My daughter took all of the colored short socks. Then I looked at the colored socks and realized I only needed one of each color. I added those to the growing garage sale box out in our garage.

A much neater sock drawer

Ah! I believe I can actually close my sock drawer now, and this didn't take much time at all.

What I am planning on tackling next?

Taking a bit of time off!! Yes, there won't be many posts here on the blog over the next three weeks. We have some travel plans, then family coming to visit from out of state, and a week of VBS (Vacation Bible School) at our church.

I will still be posting on Instagram if you want to follow me there.

In the meantime though, you can see what some of my blogging friends are up to:

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Aly at One Day Lighter is a new blogging friend of mine, I love how simple her blog is and the Truth she is sharing.

Have a great couple of weeks, and be sure to get out and enjoy summer!