The ABCs of Compassion - Kids

Continuing on through the alphabet for my series of ‘The ABCs of Compassion’ and at first, I wasn’t really sure what word I should use for the letter ‘K’.

But then I decided on the obvious…kids!!

Compassion center in Chiapas Mexico

Compassion’s mission statement is ‘releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.’

So of course, kids are a big deal!

Compassion center in Colombia

Compassion kids have hopes and dreams.

Compassion center in Mexico

Compassion, through the local churches, is giving thousands of kids around the world many opportunities they never would have had available.

Kids are learning to read.

Kids are learning about basic hygiene.

Kids are learning how to play with other kids.

Kids are learning about Jesus.

Compassion in El Salvador

Seeing the photo above, you would never imagine that this group of kids live in impoverished areas of El Salvador. These kids live in areas where it is too dangerous to take their instruments home. Because of this, they are only able to practice together for about an hour a week.

But when we sat and listened to these kids perform for us, it brought us all to tears.

The lives of many kids around the world are being changed each and every day because of their local church and their loving sponsor.

Compassion center in Mexico

Are you ready to love on a kid growing up in extreme poverty?

Sponsor a Compassion kid today!