The inequality of it all

This morning, I put on my new sneakers, plugged headphones into my iPhone, started up my walking playlist, and headed out on the concrete sidewalks around my safe neighborhood for my one mile morning walk. Not a big deal, right? A lot of people start their morning like this, why should mine be any different.

Our walk to Felix's home in Mexico

But then I start thinking....thinking about our walk to Felix's home just months ago...thinking about our other Compassion kids and wondering what their neighborhoods are like...are they safe? are they scared?

I feel my eyes filling with tears...and I get angry, frustrated, and disappointed that more people don't step up to sponsor a child through Compassion.

But then I remember something I read just this week:

"Let's be honest: it's hard to swallow the fact that some people won't believe in you or what you're doing. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. It just means you've got to remember who you're doing it for." - Kristen Welch from 'Rhinestone Jesus'

And then I am humbled...we have only been sponsoring children for 4 1/2 years...and we are only financially sponsoring 4 children. There are many people who are doing so much more for God than we are, and have been doing it for so much longer than us.

Then I read this:

"When it comes to building God's Kingdom, the "bigger is better" mentality doesn't apply" - Kristen Welch from 'Rhinestone Jesus'

God is helping us to make a difference in the lives of a few children. It may not seem like a lot to us. But as I have been processing through these thoughts this morning, I have to remember, for these four children and their families, our small sacrifice is making a big difference.