Each and every day, we have a million choices to make...

What to eat? 

What to wear?

What to do?

Some of these choices are simple ones, others require a little more thought and planning.

But today, I want to offer you a choice that makes an eternal difference in the life of a child.

Sponsoring a child through Compassion International not only helps that child physically, socially, and emotionally...but it helps the child spiritually.

How does Compassion help a child spiritually?

Compassion works with over 6000 implementing church partners in 26 developing countries. These churches know which children are the neediest of the needy. And by working through the local church, each one of these child are taught about Jesus.

He is the eternal hope that will set these children free!

So today, I am giving you an opportunity to sponsor one of these four children: Alejandra, Nicolas, Eliab, and Diaile.

Today make the choice to sponsor a Compassion child

You can partner with their local church to teach these children about Jesus. You can tell them that Jesus loves them. You can encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Each of these children have been waiting over six months for a sponsor. Today, you can end their wait.

Comment below or e-mail me at to begin your sponsorship journey today!