What's In The Mail?

Change is a constant thing about life. Sometimes change is hard to embrace. We kind of get stuck in the way 'things have always been' and can't see the good that can come from the change.

But there is one change coming up that I am really excited about! There are some big changes coming up with Compassion letter writing:

"Beginning April 11, 2016, all original letters between sponsors and children will be digitally scanned, translated and emailed. Children will receive high quality prints of your letters. You will receive letters by email and, if you choose, a scanned printout by postal mail. Letters will also be stored in your MyAccount.

This increases the letter delivery process by up to 50 percent, allows Compassion to increase the number of sponsored children without slowing down our letter delivery, and costs less money to implement—saving ministry funds and using them more effectively.

In the new letter-writing process, Compassion will deliver extremely high quality scans of your letters directly to your child’s country office. New printers installed in each field office print your letter, which will be forwarded to your child’s center for delivery. Compassion has implemented printing and paper standards in each of our offices, and monitors these processes for quality. This entire process is about 50 percent faster than sending letters via mail." 

Over the past six years that we have been Compassion sponsors, we have heard that 'eventually' the letter writing process would be sped up so communication between sponsors and their sponsored children would see a quicker turn around.

I know I have really enjoyed sending my sponsored children coffee filter snowflakes, contact paper 'stained glass windows', and many other handmade crafts. But recently, I have wondered how much of that 'stuff' is really making an impact on them. They may appreciate it, but we hear over and over again that the words we share in our letters are what these children go back to time and time again:

"God is watching over you"

"I am proud of you"

"Jesus loves you"

"I am praying for you"

So are you telling me that we can't send anything along with our letters any more?

Actually, we can still send certain things along with our letters:

"In order to facilitate the digital letter delivery process, Compassion has made the following changes to our letter writing policy:

- All of your correspondence should include a personal letter to your child. Enclosures received without a personal letter cannot be sent along to your sponsored child.

- Your letter and any enclosures should be completely flat and made of paper.

- Letters and small, flat paper gift items should be no larger than 8.5” x 11".

- Total number of items (including stationery) should not exceed six sheets of paper, including your letter to your child.

- If items are in excess of six sheets, we will make every effort to donate the item to a local children’s charity. Items that cannot be donated will be discarded.

Compassion provides translation for the letter you send to your sponsored child up to the maximum of six sheets per letter. The “six sheets” rule is replacing the 1/4” thick rule that has been our standard in the past. Please note, only the following items will be physically delivered to your child, up to a maximum of six sheets.

- Stickers (flat, not puffy or foam)
- Bookmarks
- Musical greeting cards

Some flat paper items enclosed with your letter will be scanned and sent electronically with your letter. The following scan-friendly items will be scanned first, digitally sent to your child’s country office for printing, and then delivered to your child:

- Letters
- Photos
- Postcards
- Greeting cards
- Coloring pages
- Paper crafts

Your child will not receive original copies of items in the list above. Original items are not kept by Compassion and are not returned to sponsors. If you choose to send any of the above items to your child, you must include a letter in order to ensure proper delivery."

So, in the spirit of these new letter writing guidelines, I want to share with you what's in the mail to my sponsored children this month!

What's In The Mail to my Compassion kids this month
Bible verse butterfly printable
  • And this Bible verse page with butterfly images that I created. You can print your own copies from here: jpeg or pdf 

On each piece of paper, I make sure to include my name and sponsor number, as well as the child's name and their sponsor number. Then I staple together all the papers for each child, stick it all in one big envelope and mail it off to Colorado Springs.

That is what's in the mail to our sponsored children this month! What's in the mail to your sponsored children?